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than just the ordinary, standard vacation. You get more and give more on a YOLO trip.


We understand that life is short, the world is big and your time is limited – limited vacation as well as travel planning time. And we can help. As a full-service travel company, we do all the work necessary to go on vacation, which means, you don’t have to! Yea! With YOLO, going somewhere & doing something was never easier. Going on vacation can be a fair amount of effort and hassle. But YOLO can save you valuable, limited time & engery and the stress of travel planning.

We do everything from selecting a destination to planning and coordinating to executing the trip. We take care of every detail including all logistics and scheduling down to flights and each high-quality, local guide, hotel and restaurant. The result: distinctive destinations, imaginative itineraries, authentic experiences, interesting activities and sights, and a care-free, fun and unforgettable trip.

We are very detailed oriented when it comes to the logistics of travel and trip planning. Our trips are well-thought out from the obvious details to the smallest, less noticeable considerations. Meticulous research and comprehensive planning is the foundation of everything we do.

There are lots of places to see and it’s a big world to cover. We sift through all the potential destinations and select inspiring, intriguing, interesting locales.

We hand-pick informative, knowledgeable guides who are local experts on their country. We review each and every aspect of the trip to ensure they meet our needs. We check to make sure that all transportation is safe and reliable.

We stay at high-quality, yet affordable independently owned hotels that are comfortable and relaxing. We visit local restaurants that cook up authentic regional cuisine. We select notable activities and sightseeing excursions with must-see sights as well as other unique, different opportunities. We use our local contacts to provide a personal experience that feels like you are visiting a friend We learn about the destination and its culture and people.

YOLO is a trusted travel company who will ensure every last detail is taken care of and that you have a great trip.

GreeceWe love to travel and see the world, but the fact is that tourism can have a negative impact on the environment and local communities.

YOLO is committed to eco-friendly, sustainable travel designed to protect the local environment and benefit local communities. We are a member of Sustainable Travel International, a globally recognized non-profit organization committed to sustainable tourism development and conservation solutions.

We involve local people and environmentally-friendly businesses for our trips including guides, transport, hotels, & restaurants whenever possible.

YOLO strives to work only with suppliers committed to environmentally responsible travel and who adhere to sustainable travel practices. When you travel with YOLO, you have an opportunity to give back to the places and the people we visit.

Greece SwimOur focus is you. We give personal attention to every individual. We are committed to each traveler’s experience. In fact, we travel with you on trips to ensure everything goes smoothly and address any issues that may arise.

You have the comfort and peace of mind of a single point of contact that you’ve had a continuous relationship with from your first inquiry to the final day of the trip. Complete customer service from beginning to end.

We are focused not only on good customer service, but remarkable service. We strive to provide attentive, empathetic personal attention that creates lasting impressions and a cadre of YOLO “storytellers” who remark to others about how great their experience was with YOLO.

We want to share our love and excitement of world travel with you! Our heart-felt belief, dedication and passion for helping others live life to the fullest through travel to inspiring international destinations is reflected in our high-quality, distinctive trips.

We are excited to have our guests travel with us all over the world and have the opportunity to experience different cultures and places, and to do so with their friends and family.

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