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Thanks again for the great trip. I know you invested a lot of thought and energy into the itinerary and I couldn’t imagine a better one. We saw and did so much in one week! It was so great to have got to know the folks on the trip. I couldn’t have asked for better traveling companions. Lots of laughs!
-Elizabeth B.

Thanks again for all of the work you put into this trip! It was fantastic.
-Melissa S.

What an epic adventure! There simply are no words for how much fun I had.
-Linda W.

The trip was really fun! Thanks for planning it!
-Kelly K.

Fantastic! Saw a TON of stuff in Iceland and our guide knew EVERYTHING! Thanks ‘Asdis and Gail Carter! Tons of fun!
-Jason & Pammie

What a great trip!

Fantastic trip – it was great to have such nice people to accompany it too!
-Gary K.

This is my second trip with YOLO and it did not disappoint. What an amazing trip. The itinerary was very diverse and provided a well rounded adventure. It will be a trip we will remember for a lifetime.
-Terri and Mike R

At first, it felt kinda nice to be home. But then I thought about our great beach trip – the warm weather and all the fun & laughs. Now I really wish I never left Akumal. Thanks for such a great time!
-Sheila A.

My YOLO trip was the perfect mix of a superb and non-traditional location, great guidance and relaxation. Can’t wait for the next one!
-Doug K.

The sales clerk thought I was crazy when I approached the counter with a hammock in my cart!!!!! I just had to try to recreate the relaxing, stress free vacation I just experienced. Thank u Dominica! Thank you Gail!

I’m getting used to quiet nights again, and missing the jungle lullabies. What a great trip that I will always remember!

am having Dominica withdrawal. I put some bay oil in my diffuser but the smell just wasn’t the same. I bought some passion fruit juice at Trader Joe’s, and it was definitely NOT fresh squeezed. No tree frogs to lull me to sleep. So sad. Thank you for such a memorable time on the Dominica trip.

This was my first trip with YOLO and it was by far one of the best trips I’ve been on. The island of Anegada was so beautiful with barrier reefs right off the beach. The locals were so friendly and really made you feel welcome. Therer were plenty of group outings, but individual time as well. Gail always made sure everyone got to see and do what they wanted. We also had a vehicle, that anyone was welcome to use. This made it very convenient getting around the island. It was a great time hanging out with old friends and make new friends as well. I look forward to another get away with YOLO in the near future.
-Terri R.

Truly an amazing trip — from soup to nuts: the location, the travel arrangements, the accommodations, the people, the food (and def. in no particular order).
-Jess M.

Once again, YOLO found an amazing spot that few people have ever heard of and arranged a relaxing and wonderful trip. The beach part was simply perfect. From beautiful beaches that were practically deserted to an astounding coral reef that was accessible from our beach to a volleyball court for our more active members – this was one of the better beaches I have seen in a while. Plus, our cottages were right on the beach with views from our front porches overlooking the blue-green ocean. The island was in itself a marvel – a very small and tight-knit community. I felt like I knew a good portion of the island before we left. Great restaurants on the water and a bakery that made yummy cinnamon rolls fresh every morning. I enjoyed biking and exploring the island too. Great trip. And of course – all managed so seamlessly by YOLO that my only stress was what to have for dinner that night.
Elizabeth M

This is my 3rd winter getaway with YOLO and they just keep getting better. Anegada may be the most beautiful of the 3 islands we’ve visited. What seems like a never-ending beach is filled with gorgeous ocean colors, white sand, and amazing corral and underwater creatures. Evening meals were great fun, experienced with locals who know how to party and make visitors feel right at home. Thanks to YOLO, I have now visited 3 places I would never have known existed. If I can ever figure out how to organize a trip the way Gail does, I would love to go back Anegada.
-Augie D.

Gail, thank you for organizing the trip and for being our “den mother”. You’re thoughtfulness, patience and hospitality made the trip something special – something I’ll always remember. I’m settled back into work and already losing my tan 😉 I’d much rather be snorkeling or exploring a warm sunny location.
Steve J

Once again, YOLO found a magical island off the beaten path yet still easy to get too. The beaches on Isla Culebra were absolutely breathtaking – the clearest water I have seen since off the coast of Malaysia. And YOLO made the trip even better from arranging all trip transfers to planning great meals and activities. Our house had kayaks & bikes for use with its own dock into the bay and our own school of fish. YOLO had also anticipated the needs of the group and had adequate motor transportation as well. This was a wonderful trip and I can recommend taking a YOLO trip without hesitation – the combination of unique destinations with exceptional yet unobtrusive service is very hard to beat.
-Liz M.

Somehow we all need to find a way to have many more of these long weekends! My first time to Puerto Rico and also flying in a little 8-passenger island hopper – it was like a smooth roller coaster ride (very exciting for me). When we got to the private villa, that’s when I felt, “I’m on vacation.” Great thing about the trip was spending good times with old and new friends. And, Gail just does what she does best – taking care of everything and doing all the ‘thinking’ for all of us on this trip, so we don’t have too! She gets an A+ and more! One quick tip, don’t count the days just enjoy the moments! OK, here was the bad part – when it came time to pack! The long weekend got real short, but that’s why you have to enjoy the moments you are there, because that brings back great memories of the trip long. So thanks to YOLO (Gail) once again! By the way, this is my second trip with YOLO!
-Tak C.

Looking for easy travel? This is it! The Greece trip was fabulous, from start to finish. Everything was done for us – hotels, guides, transportation, meals. You name it, it was stress free and extremely well-planned. Our tours were informative and very worthwhile – I’ve never used a guide before, but I have now learned the value of them. All the service providers (cars, guides, liaisons, etc) were helpful and friendly; the day of sailing planned for us was unforgettable. Plus, there was enough free time built in (and, of course, the option to not take advantage of some of the tours) to make it relaxing and even more fun. Greece is a great destination regardless of your exact plans, but the YOLO trip could not have been much better. I highly recommend using YOLO for your travel needs.

My sweetheart and I had a fantastic time. Point.100%. That is an inside joke you would not get if you were not part of the fantastic trip! I have to say, to stand on the rooftop of the hotel in Athens when first arriving & looking out at the Parthenon – incredible! There should be pictures on the YOLO website to appreciate my description! Gail has been nothing but a great friend and travel leader who took us an awesome trip! She thought of everything that would make the trip 100%. We had a wonderful trip and great friends to share it with. George, our private driver, is Greece. And Gail is the details of Greece trip – taking care of everything. Ending the trip on a sailboat around the Mamma-Mia island… nice! I highly recommend YOLO and the best part is Gail comes with it!
-Astral & Micki

Our YOLO trip to Isla Holbox was wonderful. I never would have found this destination without YOLO, and it was beautiful and relaxing. YOLO took care of everything – transportation, lodging, things to do – and had great contacts at the location to assist us with our stay. Because of the close contacts YOLO had made, the hotel took impeccable care of us for our stay, even preparing a special dinner for the group (and taking care of our vegan co-traveler). The cost of the trip (and the limited amount of money I had to spend while there considering so much was included in the price) was extremely reasonable. It couldn’t have been more fun or easier to travel to a wonderful destination!
-Lexann T.

I don’t like organized tours, or trips of any kind. I went on this trip primarily because a friend asked me too. And I will be forever grateful she did. I had a fabulous time – ate amazing food, saw beautiful natural sights, including one of the nicest beaches I’ve ever been to, stayed in a cozy, clean and comfortable house, rode on boats, planes (big and small), and automobiles, and shared great company with really fun and friendly people. Most importantly, I got to visit a place I would not have gone to otherwise and it was well worth the visit. I would do it again in a second.
-Augie D.

My trip to Isla Holbox with YOLO World Travel was a welcome break from the normal hectic pace of my life. YOLO picked a unique location which directly matched my needs – somewhere beautiful, off the beaten path and relaxing to recharge. Holbox was simply beautiful. I’d start my day off with a walk on the sandbar and enjoy watching the rays swimming and the pelicans and gulls swooping with hardly another person in site. The food on the island was simply incredible. Fresh fish and produce resulted in some of the best guacamole and fish tacos that I have ever had. I’ve travelled quite a bit in Mexico and the Caribbean and I have never had such good food. Also, I loved the smallness of the island – I felt very safe there and enjoyed biking around.

YOLO provided exceptional yet unobtrusive service – making sure the entire vacation went smoothly without making one feel like you were actually part of an organized tour. They organized all transfers seamlessly, arranged for excursions and dining experiences if requested, and checked in frequently to ensure that everything was going smoothly. I would highly recommend travelling with YOLO.
-Elizabeth M.

We really enjoyed our trip to Isla Holbox! Gail from YOLO put together a great package for an ideal destination we never would have known about on our own. She arranged all of the travel connections, which made for stress-free travel. The resort was beautiful with a very high standard of service. We were so glad Gail was able to find such a place. Overall we had a wonderfully relaxing vacation unlike any we had before. We would definitely travel with YOLO again.
-August J.

Cuba was awesome, beautiful, crazy, bass-ackwards (lack of toilet seats, TP, and water pressure to refill the tank), delicious, entertaining. And on and on. It was the friendliest country I have every visited; everybody — even scam guys in the street — were proud of their country, but curious about the visitor’s thoughts, and interested in finding out what “we” (the US) thought about their future. I gave some flowers to a little girl who had been sick at one of the houses where we stayed; she was so pleased, she tried to give me a peso, and when I told her, no, these are for you, and I hope you feel better, the smile was amazing. I do really hope they can keep some of the great “everybody is equal” feeling as they move into a world where there is more differentiation between haves and have nots.
-Greg H.

It was a fantastic trip. Gail did a super job in leading the group and Roger of Cuban Adventures was a knowledgeable, fun and dedicated guide. Cuba is wonderful and we enjoyed a lot in the course of a week. I would recommend it highly.
-Karla Y.

My first trip with YOLO World Travel was amazing and absolutely one of the best trips I have ever taken. We went to Cuba and I had the best time. Everything was well organized with a great variety of activities planned for us, including our meals and lodging arrangements. I literally just had to send them my required documents and show up for the trip…. just how I like it! The staff was great both before, during, and after the trip! I really couldn’t have asked for a better vacation. I know for sure, this won’t be my last trip booked with YOLO. Thanks again!
-Jacqueline M.

I enjoyed the trip to Cuba, again thank you so much for making all the arrangements, it was Awesome!
-Crystal P.

THANK YOU for creating such a great experience for all of us. I’m not sure I could have found a better fit for what I wanted out of this trip and the new connections I’ve made. I’m so grateful for all the hard work and patience you put into this adventure. It’s much appreciated by all of us. I miss my new Cuba family. 🙂 You really went above and beyond on the Cuban adventure. And I couldn’t agree with you more about the best thing about travellling is the time you get to spend with the people you go with and the people you meet along the way!
-Ginny S

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