Non-touristy, responsible travel – simply a better vacation. Helping picky travelers who want more
than just the ordinary, standard vacation. You get more and give more on a YOLO trip.

About Us

YOLO is an acronym for You Only Live Once

YOLO World Travel is a full-service leisure travel company specializing in non-touristy, responsible travel with a focus on planning custom vacations. We offer small group, eco-friendly vacations to cool, unique places inside and outside of the U.S. Our vacations really give you a personal, special experience served up with lots of distinctive activities.

Our goal is to inspire you to live life to the fullest by spending priceless, quality time with friends and family and connecting with others & your world through travel. Just our name alone will serve as a reminder that You Only Live Once and to simply live to the fullest this one short life you’ve been given.

See the places that you’ve always wanted to visit. Simply get away with friends and family. Take a break from your busy life and make time for a vacation that provides you with important quality time to recharge, relax, and enjoy life.

Join us on one of our regularly scheduled trips (see our Trips page) or contact us about a custom vacation tailored to your exact needs.

What Makes Us Different

We offer full-service trips so you can just sit back, relax & enjoy a stress-free trip. We sincerely care about you and your travel experience. We are obsessed with providing remarkable customer service and personal attention that goes above and beyond. We are preoccupied with thoughtfully planning each trip to make it special and personal. We focus on the little things that make all the difference in achieving an outstanding, uncommon experience that is super fun and full of laughs & lasting memories.

Greek Mountain Top Village

We take you to unique destinations that you likely wouldn’t have visited on your own including itineraries that are different and distinctive. We visit interesting places with a lot of character. We don’t follow the herd to the same old tourist spots, staying in the same touristy internationally-owned resorts, and only hanging with other tourists.

We care about the places we visit. We travel respectfully by only patronizing locally owned businesses including hotels, transportation and guides, which ensures our dollars go back into the local communities. We strive to stay in eco-friendly accommodations that adhere to sustainable travel practices. We chat it up with locals, explore less visited towns, and learn about where we go and what we are seeing and experiencing.

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