Non-touristy, responsible travel – simply a better vacation. Helping picky travelers who want more
than just the ordinary, standard vacation. You get more and give more on a YOLO trip.

YOLO World Travel specializes in non-touristy, responsible vacations.

Our focus is on custom vacations, but we do offer trips from time to time.

What in the heck does “non-touristy” and “responsible” mean anyway? Read the short and sweet of it.

Review our trips, get on our email list, Like us on Facebook, and join us on a trip IF you want to:

  • Travel to cool, distinctive hidden gems with lots of character (as opposed to the standard touristy spots on the mass tourism circuit)
  • Enjoy high-quality vacations and personal, local experiences (rather than the cheapest & most action packed trip to check off as much stuff as fast as possible)
  • Patronize independent, locally owned hotels and restaurants only so the money you spend stays in the local community (not the international chains & all-inclusive mega resorts)
  • Ensure a low impact on the environment at the places you visit (instead of being part of the problem of tourism’s high negative impact on local communities)
  • Travel with a small number of people (not with large groups of other tourists)
  • Feel as though you are visiting a friend with a personal, exclusive vibe (not being on a cookie-cutter tour being herded around in a general, ordinary fashion)

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